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Indian Pharmacological Society, Ahmedabad Branch


Department of Pharmacology, B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad

Date: 19th August 2017


Responsible use of Medicines “From Theory to Practice”


Ahmedabad Management Association,

ATIRA Campus, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Marg, Ahmedabad


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The Western Region Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society (WRIPSCON-2017),to be held as a part of Golden Jubilee Celebration of I.P.S., will be held at Ahmedabad on August, 19, 2017. The Indian Pharmacological Society took birth in 1966 and the first Annual Conference of IPS was held that year under the able leadership of Prof. G. Achari at Patna and inaugurated by Prof. B. Uvnas of Karolinska Institute, Sweden and the former President of IUPHAR. The IPS enjoys a national and international stature as it enters its Golden Jubilee year.

About the theme:

Responsible Use of Medicines – From Theory to Practice:

Responsible use of medicines means ensuring medicines aren’t overused, underused or misused. It complements the concept of Rational Use of Medicines and adds consumers, the policy makers and regulators  besides the prescribers as vital partners in appropriate and efficient use of medicines.It implies that the activities, capabilities and existing resources of health system are aligned to ensure that patients receive and use the medicines in the right manner, notwithstanding the finite resources. The scientific program of this conference revolves around this theme and includes the Prof. B.N. Ghosh Oration, symposia, guest lectures, free and prize sessions for paper and poster presentations.